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Spotlight Stories

Lentsaba Farm and Children’s Village: A Hub of Growth and Community Development

Nestled in the picturesque landscape at coordinates 26°58’28”S, 31°14’53”E, Lentsaba Farm has been a beehive of activity and development, particularly after the brief hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Spanning an impressive 431.0469 hectares (1065.14 acres), the farm has been the epitome of growth and sustainability, with notable progress in agriculture, infrastructure, and community welfare.

Expanding the Green Gold: Macadamia Orchard Flourishes

Lentsaba Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident in its thriving macadamia orchard. Initially resuming with the planting of 700 macadamia trees, the farm didn’t stop there. An additional 1,000 trees found their roots in Lentsaba’s fertile soil, bringing the total count to a remarkable 2,000 trees. Each tree is meticulously nurtured with mini sprinkler irrigation, ensuring optimal growth conditions. With the orchard’s expansion, plans are already in motion for the next wave of planting, promising a future of green prosperity.

Building a Community: Infrastructure that Cares

The heart of Lentsaba is its community, and this is reflected in the infrastructural developments on the farm:

  1. Residential Developments: A quaint house now stands in the orchard, serving as a residence for the dedicated macadamia supervisor and the vigilant night watchman. The farm is also constructing two houses for children and a versatile kitchen/multipurpose building, with a completion target of January 2024.

  2. Water Access and Sustainability: Addressing the essential need for water, a new well was drilled, accompanied by the installation of a substantial 72,000-liter water tank for the Children’s Village. The integration of a solar pump and pipes is on the horizon, marking a significant stride towards sustainability.

  3. Accommodation for Guests and Volunteers: Embracing hospitality, Lentsaba has built a charming guest rondavel near the farmhouse, with another one in the pipeline. These structures are not just buildings; they are a warm welcome to visitors and volunteer groups, offering them a home during their stay.

  4. Transportation and Accessibility: Recognizing the importance of reliable transportation, the farm has invested in a Toyota Landcruiser pickup truck, ensuring smooth and dependable mobility across the vast expanse of the land.

  5. Housing for the Farm Supervisor: In appreciation of the leadership that steers the farm’s operations, a house is currently being constructed for the farm supervisor, symbolizing respect and gratitude for the individual at the helm.

  6. Infrastructure Enhancements: The construction of a new entry road marks the commitment of Lentsaba Farm to improve accessibility and connectivity, facilitating smoother operations and visitor entry.

Geographical Marvels and Natural Splendor

Lentsaba Farm is not just about agriculture and infrastructure; it’s a celebration of nature’s marvels. The farm’s terrain is a spectacle of natural beauty, with an elevation ranging from 864m (2,244’) at the lowest point to 1,094m (3,590’) at the highest, resulting in a breathtaking elevation change of 410m (1,345’). This diverse topography is encapsulated within 9 kilometers (5.63 miles) of perimeter fencing, securing the farm’s boundaries.

One cannot miss the engineering marvel of the steepest road on the farm, with a 37% grade, equivalent to a 20° incline. This road stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s steepest city streets, a testament to the farm’s unique landscape and its harmonious blend with infrastructural design.

Lentsaba Farm and Children’s Village: A Symphony of Growth and Harmony

Lentsaba Farm and Children’s Village is more than a piece of land; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where agriculture, community welfare, and natural beauty coexist and flourish. With each tree planted and each building constructed, Lentsaba is not just growing; it’s thriving with a spirit of resilience, sustainability, and community. The journey of Lentsaba is an unfolding story of hope, hard work, and harmony, setting a precedent for sustainable development and community care.