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SOHO’s service model focuses on health of body, mind and spirit, Opportunity to learn and grow, discovering Purpose for life, and Empowerment to achieve and overcome.​

Our Mission

SOHO works to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, especially those in child-headed households, through a hope filled, holistic, Christ-centered programs addressing health, education, a sense of purpose and empowerment to succeed.

Our Core Values

SOHO is committed to


Our Vision

SOHO’s long term vision for orphans and vulnerable children in AIDS affected communities is a safe living environment where the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of children are addressed, education is supported and skills are developed such that the children embrace their God-given, personal worth and reach their full potential.

Our Story

In 2006, seventeen volunteers from various parts of the United States, Australia, and New Zealand journeyed to Swaziland, Africa with Cynthia Prime on a humanitarian mission. Alerted to the dire needs of orphans in the country, Cynthia and friends had raised funds to feed 1,000 children for one week in the area where she was to be a guest speaker at a conference. The experience was life changing. They encountered thousands of children, many lacking even the basic needs of food, clean water, and safe shelter. On that first mission, the volunteer team distributed 17,250 meals and snacks, clothing for 11,700 orphans and children in need, and performed roughly 2,500 health examinations and treatments.


What began as a short-term humanitarian effort became a life-long commitment. Cynthia Prime and her ministry partner Linda Schultz co-founded the faith-based nonprofit organization that would become SOHO, to give hope to orphans and vulnerable children. The organization’s goal is to improve the quality of the children’s lives through programs addressing their health, food security, education, spiritual nurture, and their capacity to become self-sustaining, contributing members of their community and country. SOHO currently operates two multi-purpose centers which serve 150 children daily, as well as outreach programs in various parts of the country that touch the lives of hundreds more.

How We Work

SOHO, as a USA based non-profit, has the advantage of “feet on the ground” in Eswatini, in ministering to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. SOHO works with Seeds of Hope Outreach, a sister NGO registered and operating in eSwatini to implement its programs. Seeds of Hope Outreach has two multi-purpose centers: 1) Mhlosheni in the Piggs Peak area, and 2) Nhlambeni close to Manzini, the most populated city. Seeds of Hope Outreach also conducts outreach activities in destitute areas such as Marekamp, near Nhlambeni, where nurturing and enrichment programs are provided. Hope Discovery Learning Center (HDLC), the Swazi nation’s first inclusive academic program serving children with special needs, is under the auspices of Seeds of Hope Outreach.


HOPE SEEKERS ALLIANCE is a registered NGO in eSwatini and a subsidiary of SOHO in the USA. This is the umbrella organization responsible for management of INTSABA Farm, located in the Shiselweni Region. This mountain farm will be the site of a Children’s Village providing education, housing, and basic health care for children at risk. Agriculture and social enterprise will help to make the program sustainable while addressing poverty alleviation in the area.

Our People

SOHO USA Board Members

Cynthia J. Prime
CEO, Co-Founder, SOHO Board

Linda M. Schultz
Co-Founder, Board Member

Victor Wallen
Education Liaison

Robyn Allen McKinnon
Vice Chair Business Development

David Campbell
Board Member

Thomas Chittick
Board Member
Agriculture Expert

Larry Schalk
Business Consultant
Bruce Smith
Business Consultant
Nkululeko Mahlangu


Dr. Muyabala
Munachitombwe Muna

Paul Fortune
Lynette Fortune
Sandile Ceko
Cynthia J. Prime
Co-Founder, Board Member
Linda Schultz
Co-Founder, Board Member


Dr. Muyabala
Munachitombwe Muna
Interim Vice Chair
Cynthia J. Prime
Interim Chair
Linda Schultz
Board Member

Gail Masondo
South Africa Advisor

Dr. Jeanette Shallop

Dr. Lawrence Geraty

Dr. Judith Storfjel


Craig Martindale
Marketing and Communications

Virtral Goode
Travel and Volunteer Coordinator

Susanne Asato
Administrative Assistant

Kris Fosnot
Administrative Assistant

Sandy Prevost


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