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Linnah’s Story

At just 15, Linnah Mouse has already faced numerous challenges. Raised in poverty, her mother worked tirelessly in the manufacturing district of Matsapha to meet their needs, while her grandmother...

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About Us

Reshaping Destinies with Hope and Empowerment

Lentsaba is dedicated to reshaping the destinies of orphans and vulnerable children, prioritizing those in child-headed households. Our approach is anchored in hope, comprehensive care, and Christ-centered programs that encompass health, education, and empowerment, instilling a profound sense of purpose and the tools to thrive.


We strive to transform the lives of children of child-headed households and those at risk of abuse and exploitation through a holistic, Christ-centered program to heal, educate, nurture and empower them to be self-sustaining.

Growing Hope


Lentsaba’s service model champions a holistic approach, prioritizing health of body, mind, and spirit, nurturing opportunities for growth, instilling a life-enriching purpose, and empowering individuals to Achieve and overcome, thus sculpting a community poised for enduring prosperity and well-being.

Working Together

Together, we work to repair what’s broken, transform obstacles into stepping stones, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Our collective vision fuels our drive to inspire and empower each individual. By nurturing inner strength and fostering a spirit of perseverance, we ensure that everyone is equipped to thrive and succeed.

Building Futures

Lentsaba’s mission is deeply rooted in a compassionate commitment to shaping brighter futures for vulnerable children and orphans. At the core of this noble endeavor lies the belief that every child deserves a nurturing environment, abundant in love, care, and opportunities for growth. Lentsaba actively works to transform this belief into reality by providing a sanctuary where these young souls can flourish.

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What is a Child-headed household?

A child-headed household is one where an underage child has the adult responsibility of running a household.

Every act of giving, no matter how small, has the power to profoundly impact the life of a child in need. Your generosity can provide nourishment, clothing, and educational opportunities, offering immediate relief and long-term benefits to children lacking food and clean water access. At SOHO, we ensure that every monetary donation is allocated to areas of utmost need, maximizing the positive impact of your contribution.

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Where is eSwatini?

eSwatini is a small, landlocked kingdom in southeastern Africa, bordered by Mozambique in the northeast and surrounded by South Africa. The last remaining absolute monarchy with roughly 1.3 million people, eSwatini has had the world’s highest HIV/AIDS prevalence and a growing population of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).


Knowledge fuels change. Orphans and vulnerable children need to hear, see, and write their stories. The Hope Seekers Book helps give them a voice.

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