Where we work

eSwatini is a small, landlocked kingdom in southeastern Africa, bordered by Mozambique in the northeast and surrounded by South Africa. The last remaining absolute monarchy with roughly 1.3 million people, eSwatini has had the world’s highest HIV/AIDS prevalence and a growing population of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). With a weakened traditional safety net where relatives and extended family are unable to care the children, OVCs are often subjected to abuse and become prime targets for human trafficking.

eSwatini in southern Africa

Mhlosheni Welcome Place

Located in the high veld Hho Hho region, Mhlosheni Welcome Place is a large mulit-purpose building in a rural mountainous community which serves as a Care Point. Homesteads there are spread out and children walk many miles to attend the local Government Primary School, Forbes Reef. By their torn clothing and perpetually hungry look, it was clear that the children of this community needed help.

The Welcome Place was named because OVCs are often not welcomed, and SOHO wished to emphasize that this building was for their benefit. A program for pre-school aged children is conducted there along with enrichment programs including tutoring, volunteer clinics, sewing, gardening and enrichment programs for girls. Recipients of food parcels gather there monthly to receive food aid



Nhlambeni, in the middle veld Manzini Region, is the site of Hope Discovery Learning Center. As an inclusive school in a country that has few resources for children with disabilities, SOHO welcomes teams of specialists who provide training and mentoring for the teachers. Soon a small clinic will be situated on the site to provide immediate care for the children of the school and the community.