It is said that it takes a village to raise a child – people who care enough to make sure that the children in their community are safe, fed, educated. When that social safety net is frayed, children fall through as they have in eSwatini in the wake of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that wiped out parents over a decade ago. So children are heading households, missing out on childhood, vulnerable to abuse of every kind. And the village to save the children who are orphaned and vulnerable , is you and me.

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Atrocities of historic proportions have happened because too many good people kept silent. When it is more likely for a girl to be raped than to finish school, or for a child to be forced into labor or trafficking, or for gender to determine if there is opportunity for education or property ownership, silence is not an option. SOHO advocates through events, programs, Forums, CEO speaking engagements, Photo exhibits and more to encourage ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference.

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Start your own campaign to plant a fruit tree, build a classroom, plan a run, build a room for a child. Step into giving, use our online GiveLively platform to share your passion and gather friends and family along the way.

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