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Get involved

Join us in our mission to reshape the destinies of orphaned and vulnerable children by participating in our advocacy and fundraising efforts. Your support helps us provide essential resources such as education, healthcare and empowerment programs.

Advocate with us

Throughout history atrocities have occurred because too many well-intentioned individuals chose to remain silent. When the odds of a girl experiencing sexual assault surpass her chances of completing her education, when innocent children are coerced into labor or human trafficking, or when one’s gender becomes the deciding factor in accessing education or property rights, silence becomes an unacceptable choice.

SOHO refuses to be silent in the face of such injustices. We are staunch advocates who employ a variety of means, including events, programs, forums, CEO speaking engagements, photo exhibits and more. Our aim is to empower ordinary individuals to rise to the occasion and make an extraordinary difference in the world.

Fundraise for us

Take the first step into the world of giving. Fundraising isn’t just about making a donation, it’s an opportunity to tap into your creativity, passion and sense of purpose. Whether it’s planting a fruit tree, constructing a classroom, organizing a charity run or building a room for a child in need, your passion can ignite positive change.

The fundraising ideas listed below offer a creative way to engage your community, have fun and make a meaningful contribution to SOHO’s mission. Pick one that resonates with you and rally support. Together, we can continue to make transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children!


Plant a tree

Plant trees to provide nutritional food for orphans and vulnerable children

Dine for a cause

Partner with a local restaurant for a Dine For a Cause Day.

Plan a run

Organize a 5k run/walk, and ask friends and family to sponsor your race.

Donate a birthday

Ask friends and family to celebrate with you by donating to your SOHO campaign.

Build a classroom

Work with your classmates to raise funds for our Hope Discovery Learning Center.

Build a house

Raise funds to build another home for orphans at Lentsaba Children’s Village.

Soccer tournament

Raise funds for soccer equipment; put shoes on bare feet and replace trash balls with real ones.

Leave a legacy

Give in honor of a loved one or plan your gift to leave a lasting legacy.

Hope Seekers book

Buy “The Hope Seekers,” and schedule a photo exhibition or book signing with all proceeds going to the children.

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