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New look, same mission


Reflecting a new chapter in our journey, SOHO is evolving into Lentsaba, which means ‘the mountain’ in the local Swazi language. This rebranding symbolizes the strong foundation and unwavering support that our organization aims to provide for every child under our care.

The Genesis of Compassion

The initial venture was a mission of mercy. A thousand children in Swaziland, now Eswatini, faced a grim reality where hunger was a constant companion, and clean water and safe shelter mere luxuries. These volunteers, driven by a shared conviction, took upon themselves a formidable challenge—to provide for these children, to alleviate their suffering, even if just for a week. But as they distributed 17,250 meals, clothed 11,700 young souls, and tendered to 2,500 with health examinations and treatments, something profound happened. What was meant to be a short-term humanitarian effort evolved into a lifelong commitment.

Outreach and education

As a U.S.-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, SOHO has two subsidiaries: Seeds of Hope and Hope Seekers Alliance. Both are registered in Eswatini and serve as “feet on the ground” to implement our programs.

Through Seeds of Hope, we operate multi-purpose centers in Mhlosheni and Nhlambeni. These centers serve meals to 150 children daily. Children receive school preparation in our Hope Discovery Learning Center and sponsorship support to stay in school after they graduate from the preschool.

In addition to the preschool activities, the centers offer enrichment programs including tutoring, volunteer clinics, sewing, gardening and enrichment programs for girls. Recipients of food parcels gather there monthly to receive food aid.

Lentsaba Children’s Village & Farm

In 2018, we were able to purchase a 1,065-acre property located in the in the Shiselweni Region, where safe housing, education and healthcare is being developed for up to 250 orphans and vulnerable children.

This initiative will include trained care givers, quality Christian education and an empowerment center with access to science, technology, innovative math learning the arts as well as skill training.

What’s more, Lentsabe will include agriciulture and income-generating projects. Our vision it to create a sustainable ecosystem that can be leveraged to alleviate poverty and uplift communities.

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