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A mountain home

Lentsaba Farm

Lentsaba Farm is not just a piece of land; it’s a beacon of hope, nurturing the growth of both our plants and our children. Every tree planted, every building constructed, and every road built marks our commitment to providing a safe haven and a prosperous future for the vulnerable children in our care.

Nurturing Dreams, Empowering Futures

Reshaping Destinies with Hope and Empowerment

SOHO has achieved a momentous milestone with the acquisition of Lentsaba, an expansive 1065-acre mountain farm nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty. This monumental endeavor signifies our unwavering dedication to the creation of a truly holistic Children’s Village, where every facet of a child’s development is prioritized and nurtured.


At Lentsaba, our vision is clear and comprehensive: to establish a haven of hope, safety, and growth for vulnerable children. Within the village’s boundaries, we are building not just safe housing, but a nurturing environment where children can access quality education, engage in sustainable agriculture, receive essential healthcare, and benefit from all-encompassing infrastructure designed to cater to their diverse needs.


Lentsaba is more than a place; it is a promise. A promise to the children of today that their futures will be filled with opportunity, hope, and the unwavering support of a caring community. It is a commitment to fostering a generation of young individuals who will not just survive but thrive, and who will, in turn, become contributing members of their community and their country.

Read about Intsaba Farm in our downloadable PDF

One distinguishing hallmark of our program is an unyielding commitment to ensuring that children receive a foundation of healthy nutrition. Periodic assessments will not only gauge the quality of their health but also evaluate their overall performance, ensuring that they thrive in every sense of the word.


In our holistic approach, we firmly believe that faith in God is a pivotal component of emotional and psychological well-being. Thus, we encourage and foster a sense of spirituality that serves as a wellspring of strength and resilience for the children under our care. Our mission extends beyond providing physical necessities; it is about empowering each child to recognize their intrinsic worth and to develop an unshakable inner strength that will guide them throughout their lives.

Recent Developments at Lentsaba Farm

Since acquiring Lentsaba farm, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, significant progress has been made in developing the farm and supporting the children under the care of SOHO. Here are the key milestones we’ve achieved

Macadamia Orchard Expansion

As part of our ongoing efforts to develop Lentsaba Farm into a sustainable and nurturing environment for the children under our care, SOHO has undertaken an ambitious project to expand our Macadamia Orchard. This expansion is not just about agriculture; it’s about creating a thriving ecosystem that supports both the environment and the livelihoods of those who depend on the farm.


We have successfully planted 700 new macadamia trees and cleared land for an additional 1,000 trees. Our orchard now proudly houses 2,000 trees, each equipped with mini sprinkler irrigation. We’re excited about our future planting plans!


Impact and Goals:

  • Educational Opportunities: The orchard provides an invaluable opportunity for the children to learn about agriculture, environmental stewardship, and sustainable living.
  • Economic Sustainability: The orchard is more than just a source of food; it’s a potential economic resource, offering possibilities for income generation through the sale of macadamia nuts.

Environmental Benefits: This expansion contributes to biodiversity, soil health, and carbon sequestration, playing a small but significant part in combating climate change.

Housing Developments

Housing for Farm Staff:

    • Small House for Macadamia Supervisor and Night Watchman: A dedicated house has been built to provide accommodation for the macadamia supervisor and the night watchman. This ensures that skilled personnel are always on-site to manage the orchard and secure the premises, crucial for both the operational efficiency and safety of the farm.

Children’s Accommodation and Facilities:

      • Two Houses for Children: Construction is underway for two residential houses specifically designed for the children. These homes will offer a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment, accommodating multiple children in a family-like setting. Each house is being built with the children’s needs in mind, focusing on creating a warm and welcoming space.
      • Kitchen/Multipurpose Building: Alongside the children’s houses, a small but versatile kitchen and multipurpose building is being constructed. This facility will serve not only as a kitchen to prepare nutritious meals for the children but also as a communal space for activities, dining, and gatherings. The design is centered on functionality and flexibility, catering to various needs and events.

Water Resources Enhancement

A new well has been drilled, and a 72,000-liter water tank is now in place for the Children’s Village. Installation of the solar pump and pipes is the next step.

Guest Accommodations

To welcome visitors and volunteer groups, we’ve built a guest rondavel near the farmhouse and are currently constructing a second one.

Transportation Upgrade

A Toyota Landcruiser pickup truck has been acquired for reliable transportation across the farm.

Infrastructure Improvements

Construction of a house for the farm supervisor and a new entry road are underway, enhancing the infrastructure of the farm.