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Empowering Futures: Andrews University School of Business Administration’s Transformative Project in Eswatini with Lentsaba

On June 12, 2023, Dr. Williams Peprah, Associate Professor of Finance at Andrews University, set out on a transformative mission in partnership with Oakwood College, with Eswatini as his destination. His objective was to assess the feasibility and potential of a small bakery project designed to not only generate additional revenue for Lentsaba but also offer essential baking training to young women who have completed their program. This initiative is focused on creating sustainable opportunities and empowering vulnerable children and orphans through comprehensive, Christ-centered programs.

The Role of the School of Business Administration (SBA):

In collaboration with Lentsaba, the SBA aims to set up a small bakery that not only acts as an additional source of revenue but also provides baking training to young women who have benefited from Lentsaba’s programs. Motivated by their deep commitment to creating transformative opportunities, the SBA faculty and students have come together to contribute their expertise in process development, web development, marketing, business development, and financial accountability. Through these joint efforts, they strive to offer the necessary support to Lentsaba and facilitate the execution of life-altering programs in Eswatini.

Empowering Young Women:

At the heart of this project is the empowerment of young women who have endured abuse. The small bakery provides them with valuable skills and fosters their self-esteem and independence. The aim is to equip these resilient women with the tools they need to lead successful lives and positively impact their communities. Rural Tech Hive, a crucial partner in this venture, will assist in managing and implementing the Point-of-Sale system, ensuring financial transparency and inventory management.

Engaging Students and Associations:

The SBA understands the immense value of involving students in this project. As the initiative progresses, smaller components will be introduced to student associations and clubs to encourage their active participation. Various classes within the SBA will have the chance to contribute their expertise, enhancing process development, web development, marketing strategies, business growth, and financial accountability. By involving students in real-world projects, the SBA aims to ignite a sense of purpose and a passion for making a meaningful difference.


The Lentsaba Bakery Project in Eswatini symbolizes a journey driven by compassion, resilience, and a collective vision of transforming lives. Through the cooperative efforts of Andrews University, Lentsaba, and Rural Tech Hive, a pathway is being carved towards sustainable change and empowerment. By enabling young women and generating additional revenue, the project supports Lentsaba’s transformative programs for vulnerable children and orphans in Eswatini. Together, they are planting seeds of hope and cultivating a brighter future for those in greatest need.