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The challenges faced by orphaned and vulnerable children, particularly those in households led by underage children, are profound and cannot be emphasized enough. Every day, these children grapple with issues related to safety, equity, dignity, and opportunities.

Championing Equity, Dignity, and Opportunities for All

Stories of Resilience and Triumph

The challenges of growing up orphaned and vulnerable or as part of a household led by an under-aged child cannot be overstated. Safety, Equity, Dignity, and Opportunity are issues addressed on a daily basis. In the Hope Seekers coffee table book, there are stories of children, most often girls, trying to beat the odds by rising before dawn, walking long distances to fetch water, preparing morning porridge, then walking again to school, arriving exhausted, falling behind in classwork but trapped in a routine because of their gender as female or their socioeconomic status. There are stories of inequities: rape un-redressed, inheritance confiscated because of gender, schooling denied because of care giving, and needs unaddressed because the child was a poor orphan. In the same vein, there were sometimes champions who would not overlook need, ignore abuse, and leave wrongs un-redressed.

Eight Years of Global Impact, One Cause at a Time

How We Advocate

Eight years ago, SOHO began honoring leaders of change internationally whose influence and advocacy address social needs existing such as gender-based abuse and human trafficking as well as other factors that perpetuate abuse and victimization of girls and women. In the process of the events associated with these visits, there has been sharpened awareness of the social inequities existing in Indiana, and a push to raise awareness and increase advocacy with regards to these areas of need.

SOHO's Global Impact Inspires Local Change

Uniting Against Inequities


Eight years ago, SOHO embarked on a mission to recognize and celebrate leaders of change on the global stage. These remarkable individuals have dedicated themselves to addressing pressing social issues, including gender-based abuse and human trafficking, that continue to plague our world. Their influence and advocacy have ignited a spark of hope, inspiring us all to take action.


As we welcomed these change-makers to our community, a profound shift occurred. Through the events and interactions associated with their visits, our awareness of the social inequities that persist right here in Indiana sharpened. It became increasingly evident that the challenges we face locally mirror those on the international stage, and we could not turn a blind eye to the pressing needs in our own backyard.


This awakening has fueled a renewed commitment within SOHO. We are dedicated to not only raising awareness but also amplifying advocacy efforts in our community. By shining a light on the areas of need that often go unnoticed, especially in regard to the abuse and victimization of girls and women, we aim to drive meaningful change.

Through partnerships, education, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to be a force for good, addressing social inequities and championing the rights and dignity of all. The journey may be challenging, but with the support of our global and local allies, we are determined to create a more equitable and compassionate world for everyone.

    Hope Rising Gala
    Game Changers Forum
    Millennial Game Changers Forum
    Concerts 4 Change
    Mile for a Child 5K Run/Walk

    Igniting Hope, Driving Change, Together

    SOHO's Journey of Change

    Change Agents Honored by SOHO

    Dr. Gebisa Ejeta

    Dr. Gebisa is a Game Changer for the feeding of the poor in Ethiopia, carrying on the legacy of education for children without opportunity ,in honor of the mother, Motu Ayano, who gave her life to educate him.

    Dr. Luhabe

    Dr. Luhabe, a trailblazer, founded Women Investment Portfolio Holdings, the first women-owned company on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. She launched the inaugural private equity fund, serves on prestigious boards, and is a global leader in women's empowerment.

    Yvonne Chaka Chaka

    Yvonne is an internationally famous South African singer, song writer, entrepreneur and humanitarian. As a a role model throughout the African continent, she has demonstrated compassion for others throughout her career. A UN Ambassador, she is a prominent figure in malaria prevention and is a passionate voice for empowerment of women.

    Gail Mawocha

    Gail is the Founder of Mustard Seed Africa, an organization focusing on social and economic empowerment initiatives for women at the grass roots level. Hers has been a strong voice for economic equity for women and girls.

    Naomi Nontombi Tutu

    Rev. Canon Nontombi Naomi Tutu, like her father, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, is a tireless fighter for human rights. Growing up black and female in apartheid South Africa has given her the empathy and strength to speak up for those who have no voice and to challenge laws and law makers that perpetuate injustice.

    Beth Nielsen Chapman

    Beth Nielsen Chapman is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has written for many Nashville music legends. She has used music to engage audiences in understanding the process of healing as well as to use her own influence to be an agent of change for those who hurt.

    Gail Masondo

    Gail is an author, music producer, song writer and passionate advocate for women at risk. She is an international speaker who engages audiences in dealing with the reality of social inequities such as abuse and the need for change. Gail has served for many years as one of SOHO’s Advisors and helps to facilitate the Game Changer events.

    Josina Z. Machel

    Josina, daughter of Pres. Samora Machel of Mozambique, pioneered gender-based abuse awareness in Mozambique and South Africa after she survived a domestic attack. Turning her adversity into opportunity, she is developing the first safe house for victims of domestic violence in her country and participated in a high level GBV summit in Eswatini, hosted by SOHO.

    Cece Winans

    One of the most recognizable voices in gospel music, CeCe Winans has sold millions of albums during her 25-year music career. The eighth of ten children, Winans was raised in Detroit with a strong church foundation. She sang her first church solo at the age of eight and over the years, performed around the world. Apart from her music career,...

    Senator Cheri Buckner-Webb

    Senator Cheri Buckner-Webb first served in the Idaho House of representatives and then was elected to the Senate. She was the first elected African American state legislator and its first African American woman legislator. She has been a voice for equity and civility and a passionate supporter of women and youth.

    Because change occurs when you care enough.

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    Hope Rising Gala

    Info on past Galas. You will be notified when the next event is scheduled.

    Game Changers Forum

    Leaders from various disciplines hold a forum to address what individuals and communities can do to initiate positive social change.

    Millennial Game Changer Forum

    Millennial professionals from various disciplines to address pressing social justice issues such as gender based abuse and human trafficking.

    Concerts for Change

    On special days or during special seasons, SOHO recruits artists to participate in inspirational concerts where awareness is raised on issues critical to SOHO’s work. These include: Gender based abuse, human trafficking, poverty alleviation, HIV/AIDS prevention.

    Mile for a Child Run/Walk

    The “Mile for a Child Run/Walk” is a heartfelt event dedicated to making a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. Join us in taking a meaningful step towards supporting these children in need.

    We have two programs to empower the children and youth

    Additional Programming

    SOKAA Save Orphans Kick AIDS and Abuse

    A soccer program using sports for HIV/AIDS and abuse prevention

    SASY Strong As Steel Yebo!

    Using drumming and vocal music to empower girls