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Our People

Our People

SOHO works with an international network of collaborators to address pressing issues such as healthcare, food, education and life skills in a country where more than half the population is under the age of eighteen.

Individuals involved with SOHO are not just advocates  and volunteers working hard to make a difference in the lives of orphans; they are storytellers sharing glimpses into the lives of a generation of children on the brink, growing up without knowing the concept of family. Children with stolen childhoods.

SOHO volunteers come from many walks of life. They are professionals,  students, educators, clergy,  retirees, grannies, all giving their skills and abilities to help a population of children unable to help themselves.

SOHO’s Advisory Team works to broaden awareness and expand the capabilities of the Organization, offering “hands on service” to complement the limited human resources of  SOHO through the use of their skills and expertise.


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