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Their Book

The Hope Seekers

The Hope Seekers, Survival of Southern African Child Led Households in the Shadows of HIV/AIDS — introduces the growing population of child headed households in the most memorable fashion.

Cynthia Prime, CEO and Co-founder of SOHO states, “A picture is often worth a thousand words, but there are times when pictures, as striking as they may be, and words, no matter how descriptive and impacting, are inadequate to capture the dynamism and poignancy of the subject matter.  Understanding and appreciation can only come about when the visual experience is internalized.”

With compelling photographs and moving narrative, the courage, ingenuity, humor, and pathos of the children are captured.  In this book, “statistics” become real, eyes look into yours, stories that draw you intimately close to where these children live, how they live, engaging you in their quest for sustainable life.

Acting as the “springboard” for the campaign, copies of the book will be distributed in order to the build awareness and the resources necessary to create measurable change in the lives of the children.

Your contributions make a difference.  Those who give $100 or more will receive, as a token of our thanks, The Hope Seekers, Survival of Southern African Child Led Households in the Shadows of HIV/AIDS. In accordance with IRS policies, your donation is tax deductible minus $15 dollars per book.

Download the book promo here. 

Our Endorsers

Marian Wright Edelman   Founder and President, Children’s Defense Fund

Dr. Gebisa Ejeta  2009 World Food Prize Laureate   Presidential Science Envoy appointed by President Barack Obama

Jim Morris  President, Indiana Pacers  Former Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme

Dr. Kent Millard  Former Senior Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN  President,  Interfaith Hunger Initiative

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