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Linda Schultz

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Linda Schultz, SOHO Co-Founder: AIDS and Abuse – Lethal Partnership

She has been a nurse, hospital administrator, entrepreneur and care giver but one of the deepest sources of satisfaction for Linda Schultz has been the nurture and empowerment of women.

For the first twenty-five years of her career, Linda did hospital nursing then she moved on to develop two clinics for low income families in Spokane, Washington. In the mid nineties she founded Northwest Case Management, a company coordinating the care of injured workers for corporate clients, but throughout all of these years, she devoted time to work with women.

Linda has presented seminars to women at conferences on issues such as risk taking, crisis management and time management. With her ministry partner, Cynthia Prime, she founded a home for battered women in Berrien Springs , Michigan, and later, helped to develop the non profit organization, Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO). She believes firmly that social change is necessary in view of the abuse still prevalent in the lives of women in the US and abroad, but that change will only come when we all become part of the solution.

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