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Gail Mqhele Mawocha

Gail Mqhele Mawocha
Founder and Director of Mustard Seed Africa
Invest in a woman, Invest in a Community

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 1.13.22 PMGail Mawocha is the Founding Director of Mustard Seed Africa, a non-profit organization with bases in Swaziland and Zimbabwe, which focuses on economic and social empowerment for rural women in Africa. She coordinates income generating activities through the use of traditional skills such as handcraft and micro entrepreneurship, thus far presenting over 2000 women with an opportunity to work from home whilst watching over their children and crops and earning an income.

Gail has also focused on fund raising initiatives to benefit orphaned and vulnerable children. Over the years she has raised funds for housing to accommodate orphaned and abandoned children in Swaziland.

Gail is also a jurist for the prestigious Cartier Women’s Initiative which is an international business plan competition to identify, support and encourage innovative business projects led by women worldwide.

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