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Food and Clothing Distribution

Food and Clothing Distribution

Feeding Programs

Some of the biggest challenges facing orphans and vulnerable children are hunger and malnutrition. SOHO volunteers have seen hundreds of children waiting in food lines for a single meal. No doubt, food is essential for survival, yet numerous children, especially orphans, receive only one meal a day.

SOHO feeds children at The Welcome Places in Mhlosheni and Nhlambeni.  Though these are sites where the food distribution regularly takes place, SOHO distributes, and delivers food parcels to various households in other surrounding areas. All of SOHO’s feeding programs are funded through donations.  To make a donation, click here!

Clothing Distribution

The excitement and gratitude of the children is uncontainable when they see a new piece of colorful clothing, and a clean pair of black school shoes. Over the years, SOHO has provided new and gently used clothing for children in dire need.  SOHO encourages supporters to donate the funds necessary to provide the items needed, but if a contributions of shoes or clothing is made, donors are asked to assist with the shipping.


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