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Child Sponsorship

Child SponsorshipThrough Child Sponsorship, individuals and groups are able to pay an amount every month to provide food and clothing, school fees, and a SOHO Granny Nanny for a child or an entire household. Read a story about Child Sponsorship.

How does child sponsorship help the children?

There are thousands of children from child headed households who are deprived of food, education, and are unable to address their basic needs.

Child Sponsorships benefit children by providing food, clothing, school fees and uniforms.  Where a children are at greatest risk, sponsorship can provide a SOHO Granny Nanny to address the personal needs of that household.

How does Child Sponsorship work?

Sponsorships can benefit the life of a child, or the lives of the children of a child headed household.  SOHO collaborates with various organizations to find children in greatest need of sponsorship.

Provide assistance for a child in need

Every 14 seconds, a child is orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa due to HIV/AIDS.  In Swaziland, the country with the leading HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world – over 120,000 children have lost one or both parents or have been abandoned.

Orphans have little food, poor access to healthcare, and lack access to funds that would cover the cost of their basic needs or schooling. Through sponsorship, SOHO is able to ensure that critical needs and  basic health care is addressed . A child or family can be fully sponsored, or a sponsor may focus on food or school fees. Without this assistance, many children remain at great risk or are deprived of a chance to get an education.

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor A Child?

  • $38 a month provides food and clothing  and addresses the basic needs of a child.
  • $25 a month  can help to defray cost of school fees and uniforms for a child
  • $28 a month pays for a SOHO Granny Nanny for a household
  • $20 a  month would help replenish the food fund

How can I know that my donations are effective?

Unless stated otherwise, all contributions allotted for the Child Sponsorship will be set aside for that child, or household of children. SOHO will provide status reports regarding individual sponsorships.

What do Child Sponsors receive?

  • A Welcome Kit with photos and information about your sponsored child
  • Progress reports and updated photos of your child, or children

What is a SOHO Granny Nanny?

SOHO Granny Nanny is a new component of Child Sponsorship.  Often smaller children are victimized by perpetrators when there is no adult presence. When a child is at great risk of violation, a SOHO Granny Nanny may be hired to help nurture and protect that household.  Elderly Gogo’s (grandmother figures) in the community are paid and trained to act as “surrogate parents,” relieving children of some of the responsibility of taking care of their household.

Will I have the chance to know my Sponsored Child?

Sponsors will have the opportunity to get to know their sponsored child through pictures and letters–creating a bond that can affect not just their life, but your life as well.

Can I Contact Someone To Learn More?

For more information, please send us contact us!


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