Get Involved

Get InvolvedImagine the distress of a child in charge of a household–responsible to provide food, and find water for hungry and thirsty siblings.  Walking for miles just to find a dirty water source shared by animals.  Shunned and stigmatized by others for being associated with HIV/AIDS.  And at nighttime, fearing the darkness and the dangers that lurk outside.  Children in child headed households, are vulnerable to abandonment, abuse, and disease.  With the responsibilities of an adult, too many children have lost hope in a future worth living–yet thousands remain “hope seekers,” hoping for opportunities they currently live without.

With hands that serve, hearts that heal, and voices that teach, SOHO staff, volunteers, and supporters work to change the outlook for children burdened by the consequences of HIV/AIDS.  Join SOHO in its mission to improve the lives of children in child headed households affected by HIV/AIDS–donate, advocate, and participate!

Until they find their voice, we lend them ours.

We are the Hope They Seek