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Help Us Build INTSABA Children’s Village

SOHO’s Long-term Vision
SOHO’s long term vision for orphans and vulnerable children in HIV/AIDS affected communities is a safe living environment where the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being of children are addressed, education is supported and skills are developed for the children to embrace their personal worth and reach their full potential.

A Christ-centered Santuary and Our Pillars of Faith
1. Service Mindset: Serving with compassion
2. Value of Life: Every life as equal
3. Education and Wellness: Land stewardship and wellness
4. Community Empowerment: Empowering children
5. Sustainable Change: Developing sustainable programs

SOHO has partnered with Andrews University Architectural Department to create a master plan. Please have a look to envision along with us how we can all take part in making a differences.

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