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A Story About Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Marekamp in the Sdvokodvo area of eSwatini is referred  to as a ‘squatter camp’ where indigent people with nowhere else to go live in ramshackle huts in an area strewn with rubbish. Children have little chance of growing up unscathed and traffickers find easy prey among the most defenseless.

Pastor Malvin Moyo, SOHO’s Outreach Coordinator, has so endeared the many children to himself that they sing and dance when they hear the toot of his vehicle’s horn.  Many children are growing up without exposure to any form of education until they are school age and most of them fail because there is no support  where they live.

Thirty precious children have been sponsored from this community by the Fortune family in California, and an additional ten from neighboring Nhlambeni, to attend SOHO’s Hope Discovery Center, one of the Swazi nations first inclusive classrooms. Here slow learners, children with disabilities and other children from the neighboring communities attend school which serves pre-school to primary aged children.

The cost for sponsorship of a child is $38 per month. A total of 40 children are having their school expenses, meals and basic needs  covered for an entire year thanks to this gracious family.  Hope is rising in the lives of children who need it most.

God bless you!!

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