Growing Hope

SOHO’s service model focuses on Health of body, mind and spirit, Opportunity to learn and grow, Purpose for life and Empowerment to achieve and overcome.

The odds are against orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) in countries like eSwatini . The population is young with 57 percent under the age of twenty, over 120,000 orphaned and vulnerable children and an estimated 15,000 of them heading households. SOHO’s programs are geared to developing a culture of hope, integrity, resourcefulness, contentment and productivity among the children and youth, relying on faith in God to enable them to achieve their full potential and to become contributing members of their community and their country

Working Together

We work together to mend brokenness, open closed doors of opportunity, inspire future vision and build inner strength with the capacity to succeed.

SOHO’s holistic program engages an international network of collaborators to address health care, food security, life skills, education , spirituality, and to foster self-reliance through building of livelihood skills. Volunteer clinics have provided non acute health care for children and older adults across much of Swaziland over the years. Annually teams of psychologists conduct assessments and provide train-the-trainer instruction at partner schools in crisis and suicide prevention and substance abuse. Youth camps, gardening programs and pre-school education all lay a foundation for the children’s success. And faith in God is instilled in them, with a conviction of their value and potential to achieve.

SOHO has also engaged in social advocacy, raising awareness of gender based abuse, human trafficking and empowerment of girls, with peer leadership programs encouraging a culture of mutual respect among boys and girls.

Changing the Future

When orphaned and vulnerable children have no voice, value or vision, suicide and risky behavior become prevalent. A chance to re-discover their preciousness as God’s children, to be safe from predators, to get a quality education, and to have the essential skills to live healthy, wholesome lives, changes the future from hopelessness to hope. The driving force behind the proposed development of INTSABA mountain farm is safe housing , education and opportunity for children who have none.