A Race Against Time and COVID

In several weeks, 2020 will be history. So much that is life changing has happened this year!  SOHO fulfilled a decade long dream of acquiring land where we could build safe housing to rear and nurture children at risk of abuse and human trafficking. God has blessed and we have an even greater opportunity than we thought possible with the acquisition of INTSABA farm, a place of hope on a gorgeous mountain side. Then came Covid19!

Many children had no safe place to be because schools have been closed. The newly acquired farm has been feeding hundreds with fresh vegetables transported by the GM and farm staff.

We are grateful for the many lives we have touched but we know there is so much more to be done. This is only a beginning. Real progress will be possible with the completion  of the mile-long road that is under construction.

It is a chilling experience to travel the path the workers and staff used. They call it “the suicide road”. We contracted with a builder on faith to build a road wide enough for vehicles to pass each other comfortably. The road is progressing well but the work is not easy. In some areas, the terrain is rocky and the builder  will ensure that there are no steep angles such as exists with the Suicide road.

The cost of building this road is $60,000. Of that we have raised $40,000. The road must be completed before the heavy rains so the builder is working diligently. When the job is complete, we will need to pay the remaining $20,000and we need your help.

This GIVING TUESDAY, you have a chance to help us establish a path to new life and new opportunity for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve and for those who will live at INTSABA.

Construction on the new road is under way but we still need your help!

Replace The Suicide Road

Budget: $20,000

The road to INTSABA farm orchards allows farm hands to grow food for children who struggle to survive. It is the road that will allow vehicles to bring materials to build homes for these children . And it is called the Suicide road because it is so dangerous. The cost of building a safe, one-mile road capable of serving all vehicles is $60,000.

We have raised $40,000 and the road needs to be completed before the rains make it impossible.

For Giving Tuesday, our goal is $20,000 to get the job done!

We need your help to serve the children safely.

Children line up to receive produce.

help us reach our $20,000 goal!

$35 = 1 yard
$70 = 2 yards
$175 = 5 yards
$350 = 10 yards
$3500 = 100 yards