Partners and Supporters

SOHO Partners

St. Vincent Health

Andrews University, School of Technology
WFYI, Indianapolis PBS Affiliate

Butler University, Communications Department
Ball State University, Cardinal Communications

Arent Fox LLP

Josef Kissinger Photography

Purdue University, School of Agriculture

The Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa, Swaziland (AMMICAALL)
Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency Swaziland (ADRA)
Indianapolis Chapter, The Links Inc.

SOHO Supporters

Northwest Case Management
Indiana Conference, United Methodist Church
Lohr Design
In Site Art

Stephanie Bane, Web Designer

Graham Kilan, Publication Design

Stone Mountain SDA Church
Fort Lauderdale SDA Church
Fifth Third Bank
MCO-Productions—Lighthouse Vision
Clear Cut Communications

Images and Tales
Zacharay Golay Photography