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A Story of NurturingPhindile Mavuso (meaning “Promise”) was thirteen when she was brutally raped by two men ay knifepoint on her way home from school. Already an abuse victim, she wanted to end her life. The knowledge that the rapists were probably still in the vicinity of the shanty where she lived traumatized her further.

While visiting the community of Vuvulane where she lives, SOHO, CEO, Cynthia Prime learned of her plight. Since a team of counselors were visiting on behalf of SOHO, she arranged for an assessment to be done to ensure that the girl was not still suicidal.

What began as just another community visit became a life changing experience. Phindile introduced her younger sister to Cynthia and the two asked to be ‘adopted.’  They lived for the periodic visits of SOHO staff to their country.

With just a little encouragement, they are working hard to complete high school. Often they went to school with empty stomachs, or were tossed out because they lacked school uniforms.

Today, they are able to have a more normal school life, and more importantly, someone to nurture and guide them as they develop life skills to sustain them as they mature. They both excel at music and sports and live for the day when they can make a difference in the lives of other.