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Child SponsorshipPhilane was first brought to SOHO’s attention by Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA), an agency in Swaziland that addresses abuse intervention.  At twelve, he lived alone. His clothes were torn and ragged, but his eyes were bright and engaging. He did not want to live alone. He was asked to be brave and be a man but he was only a boy. Nighttime terrified him, especially after an attempted break in of his hut.

A compassionate and concerned SOHO supporter knew about Child Sponsorship, already sponsoring a family of three, she thought she would sponsor one more child–Philane. Now, Philane receives food and clothing, and attends school. One of the better students in his class, Philane aspires to finish school, and become a businessman. The difference can be seen in his warm smiling face.