SOHO Visits Ball State University Students

Only one day after arriving in the States, Cynthia Prime and SOHO Communications and Academic Liaison Rachel Phillips travelled to Ball State University Thursday, January 24th eager to meet students interested in SOHO’s mission, and looking for a way to become engaged with the cause.


The event was coordinated by Ball State’s student run public relations and advertising firm Cardinal Communications, and attracted many students, nearly filling the lecture hall.  Cynthia spoke of her journey leading to the founding of Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach, stories of the children, and the future for the children.  “I believe you are the ones who will bring hope and change in the lives of the children,” Cynthia remarked adamantly to the young audience.  As the speaking engagement came to an end, students made single file lines, signing up to become involved with SOHO.

 “She really pulls at your heartstrings, so she’s really a great person to watch,” says Sara McInerney, SOHO Student Account Manager at Cardinal Communications.  McInerney and her team of six have fundraised for SOHO throughout the school year, and are planning an event to take place in April at Ball State’s campus.  The event, a Barefoot Walk and Run, advocates on behalf of the children, for many of them do not have a pair of shoes and carryout their daily responsibilities without them.  The fundraiser will generate awareness on campus, and throughout the community, as many local businesses frequented by Ball State students are already showing their support through contributions for the event, and its participants.

“It’s really nice being able to work with students because they bring an entirely new energy and perspective,” says Rachel Phillips of SOHO.  “The students and young professionals I’ve worked with are passionate to serve both overseas and in their own communities.  They have a very generous attitude, and remember the stories of individual children. It shows me how much they genuinely care for our mission and the children.”

SOHO is fortunate to work with a diverse audience of supporters.  In the past, SOHO has worked with several academic institutions, and looks forward to future plans emphasizing American students mentoring their international counterparts in HIV/AIDS prevention, health, economic independence and self-empowerment.

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