One of the disadvantages of being a girl in southern Africa is the business of monthly periods. They are a source of intense stress to girls because very few have access to sanitary pads. They are unaffordable and troublesome to dispose of, as menstrual periods seem to bring a sense of shame along with them.

Many girls use newspapers of that is available, and if not, dry leaves for yard. One member of Parliament assured me that girls in desperation have used dried cow dung as sanitary protection because it is absorbent. And for the girl who has an ‘accident in class’, the looks, snickers and shameful critical remarks from fellow male students make absence from school a better option.

Girls miss most of their period days from school every year, This creates academic challenges that could be avoided if a solution could be found. SOHO wishes to partner with a sewing guild to create washable sanitary pads as part of a pilot program.


If you are interested, please call (31) 471- 5954 or e-mail

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May 28, 2018 11:50 am

I SEW & SOW…How can I help?


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