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Slide1When school breaks in Swaziland, the risk of abuse increases for school children. The meal they receive at school is no longer available, and the protection of a school environment is no longer there.  SOHO will use this opportunity to serve children, particularly those at greatest risk of abuse, and those who have already experienced abuse.

SOHO camp sessions will commence in June, and take place consecutive weekends, with alternating programs focusing on girls one weekend, and boys the next weekend.  Groups will stay at The Welcome Place in Mhlosheni overnight, and be taught life skills, personal hygiene, problem solving, and stress management. In a fun environment, they will learn how to prepare meals, and be nurtured in developing a vision for their own futures.

The camps will be coordinated by Joy Hanks, our new SOHO Program Coordinator, and her husband Louis Hanks, head of SOHO’s Education Programs, from Cape Town, South Africa.

Camp leaders will monitor the group to identify children in need of counseling, and those who may be suicidal. “We want the children to know that they are not an accident, or something disposable. They are precious, loved by God and valued by others. They deserve the chance to learn how to better their lives,” affirms Joy Hanks.

The camps will be funded by contributions from the US, as well as Southern Africa. Currently, The Welcome Place in Mhlosheni needs a stove and refrigerator to store the food that will serve the children. Your contributions can cover the cost of child who would like to attend SOHO Camp sessions. Send a child to camp today!

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