Seeking Hope

March 31, 2016

When I began my freshman year at Ball State University, I was introduced to orphan aid through our mandatory summer reading, Little Princes. Immediately, my heart went out to the 12 young boys in the book, and I was inspired to help them and the thousands of orphaned children around the world.

In my first week of classes I signed up for every global activism group on campus and became overwhelmed with e-mails, meetings and events, hoping to spend my next four years in college earning an education and saving the world. Before too long, I became completely buried in my responsibilities, and I quickly lost sight of my goal to help these children.

A year passed, and I had done absolutely nothing to help at-risk children around the world – until I joined a public relations agency on campus.

When I applied for Cardinal Communications, I had no expectation that it would help me accomplish my long-forgotten goals from my first days of school. I was assigned to a team that worked with Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO), and I was amazed by the work that SOHO was doing in Swaziland.

As much as I would like to say that this was enough, I did not fully commit to SOHO’s mission until I met the vivacious and empowering Cynthia Prime. Her stories about the children and work they were doing in Swaziland and her goals for SOHO’s future there inspired my team. My deepest connection to SOHO’s mission came from looking at “Hope Seekers,” the book that shares the pictures and stories about the children that SOHO aids.

Just as I did my freshman year, seeing these children and reading their stories put them deep in my heart and solidified my relationship with SOHO and its mission. “Hope Seekers” helps put the sweet faces to the stories that we have heard so many times and remind us of whom SOHO is fighting to save.

You can get your own copy of “Hope Seekers” with a $100, tax deductible donation to SOHO here (make a link to donation page).

  • Written by Cori Enos

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