Meet Tenele and Simo

Walking for Water

Tenele Mbingo and Simo Dlamini are two siblings who are in need of child sponsorship.

Eight year-old Tenele Mbingo was missing. Not many people were looking for her, and those who were had no idea where to start.  She was found by the police eating trash at the garbage dump. Her skin was covered with sores and she showed signs of abuse. No one writes the stories of girls like Tenele. There are too many. We cannot change her past but we can help give her a future.

Simo Dlamini is nine but he cannot go to school. He helps take care of his half sister, Tenele and they both do their best to take care of their sick grandmother. Simo is a hard worker. He totes water from long distances, and uses it to drink and cook meals with his younger sister’s help. His skin is full of rashes because the water he drinks is brown and full of animal contamination. He has AIDS but the corn meal he eats not enough to strengthen him.

The mother of both children is dead and the fathers have abandoned them. They live in a shed made of beaten metal drum and bits of corrugated roofing. It leaks heavily when it rains. The SOHO nurse treated Tenele’s sores with antibiotics and her skin has improved, but both children need nutritious food, clean water, school uniforms and opportunity to grow and learn.

The answer to that need is sponsorship. As little as $35 a month can support a child. $12 a month can keep a child in school. $100 per month can feed and clothe a household of three.

SOHO began its Child Sponsorship Program on a limited basis just over a year ago, when we were still seeking to meet the needs of a broader population of orphans and vulnerable children. As we began prioritizing the needs of households run by children, the urgent need for an effective Child Sponsorship Program became clear. Just this month, we have more than fifty-five added children. Your help is needed today. If we do not give children like Tenele and Simo a voice, who will?

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