DonateThere are numerous ways to give, but each act of generosity transforms the life of at least one child.  A small contribution goes a long way toward feeding, clothing, and even paying for the education of children.

Make A Donation

Bring urgent help and lasting value to children in need of food and access to clean water. Monetary donations will be placed where the need is greatest. Single and monthly contributions can be paid automatically online, or sent to the SOHO offices. To make a donation, click the “Donate” button below.

**TO RECEIVE A COPY OF The Hope Seekers BOOK FOR YOUR DONATION OF $100 or more, please click here! Be aware that according to IRS policies, your donation will be tax deductible minus $15 per book.**


Give Shoes, Uniforms, and School Supplies

Black school shoes and school uniforms are needed by children as well as new school supplies.  Without school shoes and uniforms, children are expelled from school.  School uniforms vary, though white shirts and khakis are standard. For more information, click here!