A Pebble in the Pond

Dear Friends,

The reaction is often the same. When people come face to face with the immensity of the needs of child-headed households and the numbers of these households in southern Africa, a look of resignation comes over their faces.  It’s almost as if there is nothing the average person can do that will make a difference. And so, there is the risk that you do nothing.

It has been proven that some of the greatest atrocities of this and previous centuries have occurred because of apathy. Problems too overwhelming, resources too inadequate, inconvenience to self, etc.

In southern Africa where the majority of the population is youth, many of them shouldering adult responsibility, many of them female, many of them without the mentoring or parenting to know how to live life safely and well… we can look at the numbers and move on with our own lives hoping that someone or some establishment does something. Or we can join the growing throng of pebble throwers who are willing to toss their pebble into the pool knowing that eventually their ripples will make waves.

The pre-school that opened in Nhlambeni, Swaziland is one such pebble. A building designed by a woman and constructed by a small team now housing 33 children and counting.  They will learn to read and write, do math, and they will learn to love…others and themselves. For many of those children, it is their first time to hold a spoon in their hand, and get a warm meal in a clean bowl under a roof. Some of you sent $20 and $50 and $100 bills to make this happen, many donations from far away as Australia and New Zealand.

But that is only a beginning.  There will be more children to teach and feed, more abuse to address, more pains to heal.  If everyone gave what they could, the ripples would swell.

What happened at Ball State University in Indiana is another ripple.  Cardinal Communications staged a rally and scores of students showed up because they want to toss their pebbles into the pond. Some of them will go to Swaziland to serve the children themselves.

One day, when these orphaned children of today become the leaders of tomorrow, we will be thankful that we all intervened in their lives so that they will become our allies rather than possibly our adversaries.

As you stand at the edge of the pond, give your contribution today and help feed or educate children served by SOHO. Make waves because you can!

Warmest regards,




Cynthia Prime

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