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  • Empower
  • Feed
  • Heal
  • Nurture

SOHO works to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children of child headed households and those at risk of abuse and exploitation through a holistic, Christ-centered  program that would heal, educate, nurture and empower them. Our service is centered around HOPE because we often see the effects of loss of hope –  loss of value, of motivation to survive and of life itself.

What is a
child-headed household?

A child-headed household is one where an underage child has the adult responsibility of running a household. Some child heads of household are children not yet in their teens. Children of child-headed households may be orphans, or abandoned. Learn more.

The Hope Seekers

Over thirteen years, SOHO’s initiatives to aid child-headed households have given new hope to numerous children. Yet these children, and thousands more, are still overwhelmed by the struggle for survival. With their childhoods stripped away, and their lives hanging in the balance — they have no vision, no voice, and no sense of self-value. Yet, we call them ‘Hope Seekers.’ We will tell the stories of the children, and in doing so, give them a voice. Until they find their voice, we will lend them ours. Learn more or purchase the book now.  

The Hope Seekers
You can be anything you dream of

“My name is Nomathemba Mthembu. I lost both my parents on the same day and my world crashed in front of me. My parents loved me and gave me security and they never treated me less because I am a…

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